Kindness goes a long way. Be kind to the examiner. He/She is not out to fail you.

1. Bring a list of ALL medications. It should be up-to-date and accurate

2. Blood Pressure is perhaps the #1 reason drivers fail
           - Relax, no beverages with caffeine, take meds as prescribed, monitor yourself
           - Visit your family doctor, your meds may need adjusting
           - A brisk walk, daily, is very beneficial

3. Diabetes is perhaps the #2 reason drivers fail
           - Be mindful of your diet the days leading to the physical
           - Take meds as prescribed
           - Some meds are designed to transfer glucose into your urine, making it appear the diabetes is uncontrolled. If you are on                one of these, you should bring in a recent A1C (< 6month). An A1c can be performed in our office for an additional $30

4. Heart Issues (heart attacks, stents, bypasses etc… ) should be verified
            - Your medical examiner is not a cardiologist and will need to rely on your cardiologist to verify your heart health is stable.
            - A recent (< 2year) stress test and a letter from the cardiologist confirming your heart condition is stable and you are ok to               drive a CMV is recommended. Please see #8

5. Psychological issues (anxiety, depression etc….)
            - A letter from the treating physician is helpful. The letter should include your diagnosis, condition and the doctor attesting               to the fact you are stable enough to operate a CMV. Please see #8

6. Narcotic Use
            - A letter from prescribing physician stating you are able to operate a CMV while on this medication. Letter must have                         medication, diagnosis and your name. Please see #8

7. Sleep Apnea

            - If you already have a diagnosis you should bring a report/paper from your machine with satisfactory compliance. Call the               facility you purchased the machine or treating physician on how to get this report.

8. Letter from your doctor

             - While bringing reports and letters from your physicians is a good place to start...sometimes it's not enough. We have                        premade letters that your doctors can sign that will meet FMCSA guidelines. Please call us for these

 The above are only a few tips covering a few of the most common presenting issues. If you have any questions or concerns, you should call us BEFORE arriving for your physical. We will be able to tell you what info, if any, you should be bringing with you to the visit.

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